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Beni Ourain Bible

Beni Ourain Bible

Beni Ourain is originally a confederation of 17 Berber tribes living in the Atlas Mountains since the 9th century AD. The Atlas Mountains were an ideal location because of their isolation and the richness of its pastures that permitted the tribes to enjoy abundant food all year long. Agriculture was at the center of their activities and sheep farming was particularly developed. 

Berber tribes originally lived in tents, and because of the cold nights in the mountains they had to find a way to stay warm. That is when the first Beni Ouarain rugs were confectioned to cover the entire space occupied by the tent, resulting in large carpets. The wool comes from the sheep of mixed flocks. Traditionally and still nowadays, Beni Ourain rugs are made by women. They collect the wool of the sheep meticulously, selecting only the softest and most silky wool.

Because the Berber populations of this region had very little contact with the outside world being secluded in the mountains, they remained anchored in their traditions. Thus, Beni Ourain rugs remained unchanged over time. This explains their archaic appearance and decoration based on simple geometric figures such as lines, diamonds or diagonals on a white, ivory or cream background. These Moroccan carpets have black or brown patterns depending on the sheep’s wool.

The white background of the Beni Ouarain rugs allows their use in many styles of decoration. They are not overburdened with colors and patterns and will highlight your furniture elegantly.


To distinguish a real Beni Ourain from a copy, there are simple rules to follow:

  • You can easily detect the frauds by inspecting the reverse side of the carpet. The irregular knotting is a sign of the genuine Beni Ouarain
  • Fake Beni Ouarain are usually lighter in weight!

 To take care of your new rug, don’t hesitate to go check our Blog post about the maintenance of a Moroccan wool rug! : - )

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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s day just around the corner, we thought we would be helpful and give you a hand finding the perfect gift for your mother/wife or just for a special woman in your life.

 What a coincidence, we just received a very exciting selection of Moroccan suede leather babouches! These trendy shoes made it to the most famous designers catwalks, but we offer you the originals!

Ideal for a relaxed yet elegant and effortless look, you can choose from a wide palette of colors to stand out. Made by artisans with genuine suede leather, these babouches have a hard leather sole, which make them perfect to wear at home or during a dry sunny day.

 For a total Boho style, you can add our new natural jute clutch bag to complete the outfit. With a variety of design, they are the perfect statement piece. These clutch bags are big enough to carry daily essentials like a phone, an agenda, make up and they are truly one of a kind!

 If your Mom’s style is already on point, let us take care of her home with our Berber wool pots: these bright Berber pots are handmade with coiled reed wrapped in colourful wool and have a unique pattern. Very versatile, she can use them to dress her plants for summer, as a jewellery holder, for spices in the kitchen, to organize bathroom products and the list goes on, you just have to use your imagination! (Tips: They look even better when they are used next to each other!)

 To add some character to any living room, our vibrant hand-woven pillows will do the trick! They are made of sabra silk, which is a natural fibre harvested from the Saharan agave cactus. The resulting textile is strong and durable. Every cushion is naturally dyed and is completly unique.

We don’t know if you already fell in love with our cotton pompom blankets and leather poufs but we have some stunning new colors for you to choose from!

 We know that the hardest part won’t be to find the right gift but to choose between all of handmade treasures. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want something custom made, as unique as your Mom!

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Moroccan Inspiration

Moroccan Inspiration

If you have never been to Morocco, I cannot recommend you enough to start planning your next trip to this amazing country. To me, in a nutshell, Morocco is an endless source of inspiration. Among its unique geometric architecture, its food, landscapes, people and craft culture you are guaranteed to have a unique experience.

 When you visit this country, all of your senses will be wide-awake and alert. From the colourful mosaics on ancient buildings facades to vibrant spices displays in the Souks, there is never a grey day in Morocco.
You will live by one simple rule: it is impossible to look with your eyes only.  You will have the urge to run your hands through the wool of Beni Ourains rugs and to feel the softness of the leather poufs and pompom blankets.


Many of the pieces that you can find in the souk; from traditional rugs to leather articles, are actually made by women artisans in small villages of the Atlas mountain. These talented women have been mastering the ancient crafts of their ancestors for generations.

Moroccan rug in the making

When creating SOCCO Designs I had in mind to promote the diversity and richness of my country through the incredible work of the Moroccan artisans. Each one of the pieces we offer is completely unique and timeless. Our collection represents the perfect fusion between Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary design.

 If you can’t wait until your next trip to experience Morocco, our selection will bring those oriental vibes right to your home!

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How to Clean Your Wool Rug

How to Clean Your Wool Rug

Spring is finally here which means that flowers are blossoming, birds are singing but it also means that it’s time for the annual spring-cleaning! Take your sanitizer in one hand, your vacuum in the other and here we go for some tips and techniques to clean your rug:

First of all, we recommend you to vacuum your rug on a regular basis to preserve its condition but also to limit the shredding, which is completely normal with any Berber wool rug and reduces over time. Pay extra attention to use a suction vacuum and not a vacuum with a beater or rotating bar, as it will cause fuzzing, more shredding and damage the wool.

If you are clumsy like us and tend to spill food or drinks on the floor, clean up your carpet as soon as spills happen. You can try the old trick of pouring a little baking soda on the spot to soak up the moisture and vacuum after 30 secs to 1 minute.

We don’t recommend using too much water when you clean your rug, as the wool will end up holding the water. If necessary, you may need to hand your Berber rug to a professional cleaner and let him do his magic.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

Nothing says “Welcome Home” like a cozy, fluffy rug does.

Like good coffee it is better when it’s warm, unique and has character. As the central piece of your living room, it has to be inviting and create a nice atmosphere. Depending on the size and quality you are looking for, a rug can be a real investment and this is why we want you to make a smart purchase decision.

If you fall in love with a rug, here are some great tips to help you make your decision:


Size Matters

 First things first! In order to find the perfect area rug for your living space, you need to make sure it will fit your room dimensions. An area rug needs to be large enough for your furniture to fit on. You should be able to put the front legs of your couch or armchair on the rug (Figure Number 2).

How to use your area rug

* From Burlap and Lace


Treat Your Feet

There’s nothing like a high pile, fluffy, 100% natural wool rug. The thickness of this high pile rug feels very soft underfoot. Also, wool rugs have the longest lifetime as they are robust and can easily be cleaned. On the other hand, synthetic rugs are less expensive but generally less comfortable, prone to staining and harder to clean.


Less is More

While some of us head instinctively towards colourful models, sometimes simplicity is the key. Beni Ourain Rugs are decorated with traditional Berber design motifs in black/brown wool on a natural cream base. The minimalist design of these rugs will enhance your living space and add an elegant touch to your home.

Moroccan beni ourain rugs

For the most eccentric and the ones who can’t live without colours, we have a large selection of Colourful Boucherouite Rugs.

Boucherouite rugs

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Which Moroccan Rug to choose?

Which Moroccan Rug to choose?

About Moroccan Rugs

Traditionally, Moroccan Rugs have been woven by Berber tribes to protect themselves against cold winters. These rugs are handwoven in several Mountainous regions of Morocco and mainly in the Atlas. The Moroccan wool rugs have been woven for personal use rather than for aesthetic purposes.

 However, each rug is unique in its style, shape and pattern. The art of carpet weaving is heavily influenced by Berber tribes’ legends. In fact, each carpet reflects the beliefs and the state of mind of the weaver.


Beni Ourain Rugs

 The Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs are woven from a 100% natural thick wool, decorated with traditional Berber design motifs in black/brown wool on a natural cream base. The thickness of this high pile rug feels very soft underfoot.

 The minimalist design of the Beni Ourain rugs will enhance any living space and add an elegant touch to your home.

Beni Ourain rugs


Boucherouite Rugs

 In a time when wool and cotton became expensive and hard to find in Morocco, Berber women in the Atlas Mountains decided to give their own clothing a second life to create these colourful and stunning Boucherouite Rugs.

 Each Boucherouite rug is completely unique and these striking designs and colours blend perfectly with any contemporary space.

Boucherouite rugs


You won’t need to travel all the way to Morocco to find the carpet of your dreams! Each of our traditional rugs is totally unique, certified authentic and hand-picked through our travels to the Berber villages of the Atlas Mountains.

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10 Reasons to visit Morocco

10 Reasons to visit Morocco

The world is filled with beautiful places to visit at least once in a lifetime and Morocco is certainly one of them. Here are 10 reasons why you have to include Morocco in your travel list!


1 - The Landscapes 

Village in the atlas mountains

One thing is certain: the richness and diversity of Moroccan landscapes won't leave you indifferent. The Rif Mountains, Atlas Mountains and the dunes of the Sahara all fight for attention from Nature lovers, trekkers and photographs.


2 - Picturesque Imperial Cities

Rabat Morocco

The imperial cities of Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat were all capitals of Morocco at some point in History. Home to sumptuous palaces and vibrant medinas, these cities will amaze you with their breathtaking islamic architecture.


3 - The Souks

Marrakech souk spices

In these crowded places, you can find almost everything: Leather goods, carpets, spices, jewelry and much more… Be ready to bargain with the shop owner, this is how deals are made in the souks.


4 - Visiting Marrakesh

Marrakech koutoubia

Marrakech is a unique city that no longer needs to be introduced. This city will make all your senses come to life with its riads, souks, gardens and the emblematic Jamaa El-Fna square.


5 - Delectable Food

Moroccan chicken tagine

Moroccan food is diverse and vary depending on the regions you visit. But one thing is certain, you’ll always be attracted by perfume of the spices and herbs. Moroccan cuisine classics are couscous, tagines and pastilas.


6 - Drinking Moroccan Tea

Moroccan Tea

No deal can be closed properly in Morocco without a pot of mint tea.


7- The people and their Hospitality


Moroccans are well known for their hospitality and generosity, almost everyone who has already been in Morocco can attest this.


8 - The Weather

Palmeraie Marrakech

Moroccan weather is exceptional: Summer, like Winter; the sun is always at the rendezvous!


9 - The Beaches


There is no shortage of seaside spots in Morocco. You can enjoy beaches both on the Atlantic side and the Mediterranean side.


10 - The Rugs (last but not least)

Rug souk Marrakesh

Last but not least, the rugs are everywhere in the souks. You will be amazed by all the types, shapes and colours of the rugs. However, it could be complicated to get an authentic rug and bring it back home. This is why we are here! Take a look at our selection of authentic handmade Moroccan Rugs.

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How to Stuff your Moroccan Leather Pouf

How to Stuff your Moroccan Leather Pouf

Traditionally in Morocco, Poufs are stuffed with camel hair to give them a nice density and shape. Since it’s a hard component to find nowadays, you can have a same or even a better result if you follow our stuffing instructions.

Your pouf can be filled with almost anything you have in hands: polyester balls, plastic grocery bags, towels/sheets, or old clothing. Polyester fiber can easily be found in most fabric stores. However, we think it is better to use old clothing to fill up your pouf. It will make it heavy, plump and comfortable! You could also use some old sheets or towels you are no longer using.

Step 1: Unzip your Moroccan leather pouf and unfold it. Don’t worry about the creases in the leather, the filling will stretch and smoothen the surface of the leather.

Step 2: Gather your filling material and make sure it’s clean and dry.

Step 3: Start by filling the edges of your pouf and try to make sure that all the parts are filled equally.

Step 4: Continue filling your pouf evenly until it’s completely filled.

Step 5: Zip your pouf and roll it on its side to adjust the overall shape.

You are now ready to enjoy your Moroccan leather pouf! It can be used as an ottoman, a footrest or as a low seat around the coffee table.

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