Gift Wraps That the Environment Will Love

November 29, 2020

Gift Wraps That the Environment Will Love

There’s an extra special feeling that comes with gift giving. This year especially, we’re focused on shopping and giving sustainably. Here are some eco-friendly gift wrapping options

Newspaper Wrapping

This gift wrapping method has a more natural look than most traditional wrapping paper and it’s much easier to recycle. In terms of aesthetics, black and white newspaper pages are ideal. But don’t be afraid to try wrapping gifts with fliers and other junk mail. It works just as well and can also be recycled.

To add a special touch try using some twine that you happen to have lying around for gardening or crafts to replace the usual ribbon. You can also try adding some dried flowers, dried oranges or pressed leaves as extra decoration.


Furoshiki Wrapping

Furoshiki wrapping dates all the way back 710 BCE Japan. It’s a beautiful and highly sustainable gift wrapping method because you can use the same material to wrap other gifts for years to come.

This wrapping style can easily be done with any extra linen or fabric scrap you have around the house or even a thrifted scarf. The only requirements are that the fabric is square and can fit your gift inside.

Once you’ve mastered this awesome Japanese art, you can even use it year round to transport gifts or even separate your essentials in your tote bags.

Furoshiki Wrapping for christmas using linen napkin and a scrap from velvet curtain

Get Crafty

If you’re big on crafting, another environmentally sound way to wrap your gifts is by making your own wrapping paper. Using craft paper made of biodegradable or recycled paper as your base, you can decorate with whatever materials you have around the house including paint or markers. With this option it’s easy to personalize each gift with patterns and designs that the recipients of your gifts will adore and appreciate.

Sustainable Gift Wrapping using craft, natural cords, pines and other raw materials
With craft (recycled paper that are biodegradable) (Similar way to decorate as paper new so maybe put them together)

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