How to dry flowers

October 20, 2020

How to simply dry flowers

A bouquet of flowers is one of the simplest and most beautiful gifts you can give or receive. It puts a smile on your face and brings life into your home. But eventually every bouquet dies. However, that doesn’t mean they need to be thrown out. Learn how to dry flowers using our simple techniques so your flowers can stay gorgeous and even add an autumnal vibe to your space.

To dry a bouquet of flowers cutting the extra leaves

Whether in the name of beauty, boho-chic, sustainability or all of the above, learning how to dry flowers to display around your home (especially during the fall and winter) is a pretty and simple way to add some natural color and a bit of life to your decor. 

In this post we’ll walk you through how to dry flowers. You may have spotted the flowers displayed in our Oslo Wall Basket or our Zion Plant Hanger. This quick and easy guide on how to dry flowers will help you recreate similar looks in your own home with vases or wall decor.

We love the idea of using our sustainable straw pieces (made from sustainable palms and grasses themselves) to store something beautiful and natural. Especially as the weather gets colder, keeping plants and natural materials around can help keep the fall and winter blues at bay. 

Be sure to take your flowers away from direct sunlight as soon as you’ve decided to dry them. This will help them to retain their color. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the steps below to start the DIY process.

What You’ll Need to Dry Flowers

This simple process requires a few things that you probably already have on hand. Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Flowers
  • String
  • Scissors
  • A stick or hanger

Step 1:  Prep your flowers
You’ll want to start by removing leaves from your flower stems. How much or how little you remove is completely up to you depending on the amount of greenery you’d like in your final dried bouquet. Even when dried, bits of greenery can add a touch of life to the overall aesthetic.

Taking off the extra leaf on a fresh flower bouquet in order to prepare them to dry

Step 2: Group and bundle

Carefully arrange your bouquet as desired. We recommend starting with any baby’s breath or greenery then layering your bigger and brighter flowers on top to make them the centerpiece. Finish off with some more pieces of greenery to finish off the look. 

You can also go for a more minimal look by using just the largest and brightest flowers from your selection. Once you’re satisfied with the way your flowers are grouped together, tie your string around the base.

Be sure to tie it securely enough as you’ll be using this same string to hang the flowers upside down later on. And of course, feel free to cut the stems if they’re too long for your liking. It’s all about the look you prefer.

Step 3: Secure your flowers
Tie the other end of your string to a stick. You can also use a hanger, small pole, or hook. Whatever you have on hand that will be sturdy enough to hold the flowers in place for at least a few weeks.


Wrap the fresh bouquet by creating bundles in order to start drying the flowers


Step 4: Hang the flowers to dry
Remember to keep your flowers out of direct light to stop the colors from fading. Hang the stick in a low traffic area of your home out of the reach of pets, small children, and sunlight. Some common places are cupboards and wardrobes.

Step 5: Leave to dry, then display!
Your work here is done! In about three to four weeks your bouquet will be completely dry. Now, you might be wondering how do dried flowers keep their color? There are two simple solutions to helping your bouquet stay as vibrant as possible. First, during the drying process as well as when they’re ready to be displayed, be sure to keep them away from direct light as well as humidity. And second, we recommend spraying them with unscented hairspray to keep them looking pristine.


Hang your bundle of fresh flower to allow it to dry for 2 weeks.


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